Echinacea Propolis Extract

Echinacea Propolis Extract


Propolis extract with Echinacea. Presentation: Glass bottle with dropper.


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Tincture made from the maceration of propolis. Does not contain preservatives or dyes

Propolis is a product that the bee collects from the buds and bark of some trees such as cedars, willows, pines, oaks... They use it as a natural antibiotic to protect the hive from bacteria, viruses and fungi and keep it aseptic.

It can be ingested to relieve sore throats and hoarseness. Also used for external use as parlors for canker sores and sores, burns, calluses, warts and wounds.

Recommendation for use: pour 4 or 5 drops a day on any liquid and drink. Shake before using.

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